is a site dedicated to gathering information about flyfishing rods and their makers. The idea behind it is to gather information regarding flyrod creators and the rods they make, or have created in the past.

Why did I create this site?
I was on the lookout for a new #5 trout rod, and wanted to look at different rods and compare them agains what I was after. I didn't find any good places where I could just look at information regarding rods, so I created this site!

Right now I am getting the site up and running with the basic information that all rods have in common: weight class, length, availability, handle and so on. There are more data points and things to register for rods, but before I have gathered some rods and start looking at patterns between the different rods I will keep it as it is today.

Also: I wanted to get this site out early and get feedback before doing more.

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